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Sis, I've got a story to tell...

Posted on September 19 2022

Sis, I've got a story to tell...

Hey tribe! 

I decided to start this new email series that I think you'll enjoy. Each week I plan on letting you get to know me a bit more by telling you the story behind each of the tees I create. 

This brand's why is "YOU" so to speak. A Black Woman. You see... I spent most of my youth not knowing where I fit in. I had low self-confidence and I just wasn't proud of who I was. I didn't know HOW to be proud. Big lips, wide hips, heavy chest, brown skin. I know that many of you can relate.

 The thing is… as I got older, I wanted to start living unapologetically and authentically, not just for myself but for my daughter. I didn't want her to feel like I did. I wanted her to grow into her magic at the same pace of growing into her womanhood.

Cue 2018…

 I was already doing tee designs but on a crafting level. A lot of my designs were for and about black culture but not entirely exclusive. Fast forward a bit to November 2018, the release of Black Panther. If you know.. you know! That movie was the a catapult of some sort and it made me feel so proud and seen. I knew at that point, I wanted to always be seen because why not? So I went home and thought of brand name and "Culture Vibes" was at the top of my list. The reason behind it was, the culture is deep, one of a kind and is a total vibe like no other. True… right?

 From that point, I did exclusively black pride designs. However, finding the tone of speaking to my audience; I struggled with somewhat because it had to be gender neutral. Moving a little bit further down the timeline to Jan 2020, I had already made my mind up that I wanted to take my business seriously. Then came 'Rona and her mess.🙄

March 2020, I had just gotten a new job that I really liked and by early June; the COO of that company fired my boss and then told myself and my colleague in the same role that she was trying her best to keep us on board. I knew if it was going to come between me and him, they would choice him for obvious reasons. If catch my drift. I then immediately pivoted and incorporated my business, grabbed the domain, email, business accounts etc and started researching marketing.

I felt deep down that by losing that job, it would actually be a blessing. Besides, I rather had been at home with my kids while the world was falling apart anyway. By mid-July, I was let go. I was asked to come into the COO's office and I knew what was coming. My reply to her apologizing for letting me go was "It's okay, it's a blessing in disguise". She of course was surprised and asked how. I told her I was going to focus on my t-shirt business and got up and left.

I had my website up and launched within a week of being let go and took my last check to pay someone to teach me how to run ads. I kept hearing that I need to know my target audience and I thought I did. I knew what social outlets to target as a Black millennial and that method worked but looking at the statistics black woman loved my brand more because of the tone I used. I couldn't help but talk as a black woman, to my fellow black woman. It's the one thing, I knew and related to. It's who I was. It's who raised me. 

Well, they say your tribe finds you… and YOU did! So here we are and I genuinely hope that you like it here as I continue to grow and experience life. You gave new meaning to my brand because the "Culture" was created by black women, we are the culture and sis we are one hell of a vibe! I hope that you can find is a tee or two or even a button that speaks your vibe because that's the mission! I want you to live unapologetically and feel seen. I would love to hear from you too! Just reply to this email. Your input matters!

"Let your vibe speak louder than words". 

- Myesha 🌻


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